Monday, 19 November 2012

GS Discussion - Additional Session: Presentations

Dear All,

Special Additional Session with Presentations:

Thursday, December 13th, 6:00 pm - Room: TBA

Here some topics for potential presentations. I think they will help us shed more light on some of our previous discussions.


  1. Life in a Global World, Life in a Local World (analyze both but choose a specific focus each time)
  2. Democracy and Election - Example: US and/or Canada (in comparison with another country if you wish)
  3. Money, Power, and Democracy (example: contemporary Canada and/or the US)
  4. Marxism and Liberalism: a Comparison of the Two Theories (focus on the theories first - you can then choose examples/applications as well if you wish)
  5. Creating a World without Discrimination (you may first want to find out more about the psychology of discrimination - i.e. why do people discriminate against others - and then try to find ways to re-educate people; feel free to tackle the topic in either a more general way or focus on specific forms of discrimination, e.g. race, species, age, gender, education, etc)
  6. Creating a World without Exploitation  (analyze the situation first and then see what can be one to improve/change it; focus on one or more examples, such as: 3rd world countries, women, animals, children, resources, etc)
  7. Media and Politics and/or Media and Economy (how do media influence politics and the economy and whose interests do they represent; why do the masses let themselves be manipulated by the media? - add examples)
  8. Consumerism and Waste (the connection is obvious - but analyze it in detail and show on a few examples how "the system" works)
  9. Quantum Theory - and How It Affects Our Concept of Reality (you can focus on the "paradigm shift" as well)
  10. Traditions of Spirituality and/or Meditation (either more general or with a focus on one particular tradition)

Please let us know which topic you are planning to talk about - and then add a short summary of your presentation here to this blog.

Thank you - and thousand thanks to everybody who has attended our GS Discussion Circle regularly this term!  I really appreciate all your excellent and thoughtful contributions!